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Increasing transparency in the leather industry while focusing on sustainability and animal welfare

The leather industry faces significant challenges regarding documentation on sustainability and the lack of transparency throughout the value chain. With concerns rising over the origin of leather, animal welfare and its environmental impact, SPOOR embarked on a mission to challenge the status quo through technologies ensuring full traceability and documentation of animal welfare and sustainability.

SPOOR introduced a solution providing Nordic bovine leather with full traceability. The leather originates from animals used for food production, utilizing the remaining hide as an input for leather production. Moreover, the leather is sourced from cows in Denmark, Sweden, Holland and Germany known for being countries with high animal welfare.

Implementing a Comprehensive Tracking System
Tracking each step in the leather production process, makes it possible to identify which areas could be improved and where emissions could be reduced. Each hide is marked with a unique reference linked to the individual ear tag of the cattle, through advanced laser technology. This makes it possible to track the leather from farm to final product, identifying the exact cow it came from. This print acts as a unique reference, a product passport, which will follow the hide.

Each hide is marked with a unique reference linked to the individual ear tag of the cattle, through advanced laser technology

This innovative approach enables the gathering of data regarding the origins of the leather to increase animal welfare while reducing climate impact associated with each hide.

Reducing Environmental Footprints through Close Collaboration
A collaboration with the Swedish outdoor-shoe brand Icebug, has led to large improvements in the footprints of their shoes. After Icebug shifted to collaborating with SPOOR, they reduced their carbon emissions by 50%, highlighting the benefits of embracing traceable Scandinavian leather supported by data to reach more sustainable leather sources.

Today, SPOOR collaborates closely with 17 international brands within fashion, furniture, and interior design, aiming to produce transparent products with traceable origins.

SPOOR is part of Scan-Hide which is Denmark’s last remaining tannery.