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Rosa Danica

High-Tech Production Leads to Roses of High Quality from Denmark

Like in other areas of the Danish agricultural production, roses and other flowers have encountered a technological development. The Danish flower producer, Rosa Danica, is one of Europe’s market leaders with an annual production of 10.5 million plants where more than 90 percent are exported. By thoroughly scrutinizing and implementing technology in their production, Rosa Danica has obtained a production with a minimum of chemicals and a consistently high quality.

Flowers are known to be very fragile and production must be done with caution. It is difficult to obtain a standardised result and, very often, a large part of the production has to be discarded. Many flowers also tend to wither or battle with unwanted plants before they can be sold. There is therefore an unleashed potential for many flower producers to increase their productivity and lower their loss.

Using technologies to obtain a better production

Since its foundation in 1987, Rosa Danica has implemented a wide range of technical solutions that can combat the usual downsides of flower production.

One way to get a more efficient production is to expose the roses to UV-C light. The light simply treats the surface of the roses so that they do not get infected by mildew which is a very common disease among roses.

Another way of obtaining higher quality is to use a new technique – so-called mechanical stress.  The technique means that during, night-time when there is no one at the facilities, a large plastic foil is swiped over the plants, back and forth many times. This causes the roses to grow more compactly, be shorter and with a larger flowerhead, which is something that many customers want.

yearly production of 10.5 million plants where more than 90% are exported

High-quality roses to the whole world

The result of high-tech production of roses from Rosa Danica is clear. More than 90 percent of the company’s pot rose production is exported to countries around the world – many of which are outside EU’s borders.

Rosa Danica’s production stands as an example of how agricultural production in general is taking place in Denmark. Through the implementation of technologies, Danish farmers provide reliable security of supply and a consistently high quality.