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Danish Crown

Efficient Meat Production Leaves Minimal Waste

Securing the global food supply while protecting our natural resources are one of today’s most pressing challenges. That includes maximising value and reducing food loss in the production of pork and beef.

The cooperative meat processing company Danish Crown is a good example. In its slaughterhouses, every pig is cut into as many as 150 pieces, which are exported all over the world.

Value in every part

The pork loin is popular in Europe and the United States, the ham is exported to Italy, France and Poland and the head, tail and toes are delicacies enjoyed in China. The intestines are used for sausage casings while the blood and other by-products are valued for medicine. Other protein products are used in food and pet food production.

In slaughterhouses, every pig is cut into more than 150 pieces, which are exported all over the world with nothing going to waste

A lifetime of production

Milk and beef production are a similar story. A Danish dairy cow is a source of products throughout its life, producing on average 25 litres of milk a day. Once slaughtered, every part of the animal goes into food, lifestyle products and medicine. Each cow also has around 90kg of bones, tallow and fats, which can be used in bioenergy production.

Deriving full value from each part of the animal is critical to sustainable growth in businesses and nothing goes to waste at Danish Crown.