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Carlsberg A/S

Driving behaviour towards ZERO irresponsible drinking

With their sustainability programme Together Towards ZERO, brewing giant Carlsberg brings four major ambitions to life. One is to take measures that further responsible drinking.

Consuming alcohol like beer is at the heart of social occasions worldwide. Big, corporate brands are marketing themselves across borders to get their share and expand the global beer market.

But promoting alcoholic drinks leaves the producers with a huge responsibility. That alcohol consumption has its potential downsides is all too well-known and so preventing the harmful use of alcohol is an individual target in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

A comprehensive sustainability programme

Danish world-known brewery Carlsberg has brought this target to the core of their products within their efforts to make sustainability a point of departure in their business. Further, as a part of this, they are taking serious steps into the production and promotion of alcohol-free beverages.

With an “enable-inform-encourage” approach, the company works on a threefold level taking measures to further responsible drinking

Carlsberg has made their own clear goal in this regard with the ambition of “zero irresponsible drinking” as part of their 2030 programme. With an “enable-inform-encourage” approach, the company works on a threefold level taking measures to further responsible drinking.

Non-alcoholic beverages on the rise

Consumers are enabled through an expanding range of alcohol-free choices. Today, Carlsberg non-alcoholic alternatives are available in 70 markets worldwide. Carlsberg is working with partners to ensure that wherever consumers find a beer from Carlsberg, they can always choose a non-alcoholic alternative. Information is brought to consumers directly on the packaging, carrying messages and info on responsible drinking and nutrition on 96% and 86% of packaging respectively in Western Europe. Through initiatives of engagement and dialogue the message and promotion of responsible drinking is carried out, and in partnerships with stores, bars and restaurants they work to prevent underage drinking.