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OxyGuard International

Cloud-Based Management Keeps Aquaculture on Track

Even tiny changes in oxygen levels can have a negative impact in aquaculture. Fish can lose their lives in a matter of seconds, causing massive waste of resources and severe economic consequences for the fish farmer.  

The Danish company OxyGuard International has more than 35 years of experience in providing high-quality equipment for fish farmers in more than 120 countries. Their solutions cover everything from land-based aquaculture to fish transportation and offshore installations.  

Over several years, OxyGuard has worked with fish farmers to co-develop a revolutionary, cloud-based management system called Cobália. It is designed for operations of all sizes, from the small pond farmer using a handheld oxygen meter connected to a smart phone to the biggest farms where large volumes of data are gathered from numerous sensors. 

Cobália gathers all data and presents it to the user in a way that enables a swift reaction when things start to go wrong – whether there is a problem with oxygen saturation, pH, water level or something else.  

In this way, farmers can avoid expensive and wasteful scenarios, such as a reduction in feed efficiency, high energy consumption or even fish mortality.  

OxyGuard expects the data-driven management tool to reduce feed use by five to ten%, enable traceability and provide farmers with detailed documentation of production performance