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Too Good To Go

App Connects Consumers with Surplus Retail Food

A third of the world’s food goes to waste – equivalent to around 1.6 billion tons a year – and the costs get higher at every step along the food value chain. That means, food waste by retailers and consumers are the most expensive of all.

It also used to be the most difficult waste to reduce as it requires change in consumer habits.

Danish company Too Good To Go has found a way to help consumers change their behaviour easily – by developing a user-friendly app that connects consumers with unsold food from shops and restaurants.

A marketplace for surplus food

The app is a total win-win. Consumers can buy surplus food that would otherwise go to waste at a discount price. Retailers can reduce their waste and gain access to potential new customers, who try their food.

The surplus food ranges from the fresh bread that bakeries have not sold during the day to unsold supermarket groceries or restaurant food. All perfectly edible.

200 million meals across Europe

Since Too Good To Go started up in 2016, 200 million surplus meals have been saved from shops and restaurants all over the world. It took six years to reach the first 100 million meals saved, while the next 100 million meals were saved 5 times faster, in under 1.5 years. This shows a clear indication of the company’s exponential growth and global leadership in the industry.


From 2016 to 2023, 75 million users have saved more than 200 million surplus meals

During the last 18 months, Too Good To Go increased its registered users by 50% and welcomed around 30% new business partners; an incredible accomplishment to help reduce impact on the environment of Too Good To Go’s community. Today, there are over 75 million registered users and 134,000 active business partners across 17 countries.