Chr. Hansen Launches a Game-Changing Multi-Strain Probiotic



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Chr. Hansen launches a game-changing multi-strain probiotic

GalliPro® Fit is a uniquely formulated probiotic combining three novel strains into one product, creating a 3-in-1 solution for some of the poultry industry’s biggest challenges.

The poultry industry has been through multiple changes in recent years, driven by the regulation of growth promoting antibiotics and the increased focus on food safety. These changes create challenges for poultry farmers who need to find new effective tools that can limit the growth of enteric pathogens and improve performance.
“GalliPro® Fit is Chr. Hansen’s first probiotic to combine three unique strains in one product to address some of the key challenges faced by poultry farmers today. Together, the three novel strains in GalliPro® Fit have been proven to effectively boost digestive performance, limit the growth of enteric pathogens and stimulate the immune system in broilers, layers and turkeys”, explains Dorthe Sandvang DVM, PhD, Animal Health Innovation and lead-scientist on the project.

Meeting farmers’ needs with a 3-in-1 solution

Reducing incidences of digestive upsets in birds is one of the key challenges for the poultry industry and was the starting point for the development of GalliPro® Fit.
“We know the key challenge for poultry farmers is a healthy enteric system. But there are multiple elements to this – including effective digestibility and maintaining the animals in good health. The combination of the three unique strains provides a holistic solution for our customers addressing the multiple challenges faced by the industry today”, adds Dorthe.

Science-based, Research-proven

In collaboration with different research institutes in North America and in Europe Chr. Hansen has conducted research on the single strains and on the combined product in the form of field trials, university research trails and customer demonstration trials.
Through this research, GalliPro® Fit has been proven to be effective in the following key areas:

  • Performance parameters Supports normal intestinal integrity and function reducing early mortality and enabling efficient absorption of feed nutrients
  • Intestinal stability Inhibits proliferation of common enteric pathogens, including Clostridium perfringens, Salmonella and Escherichia coli
  • Digestibility Improves digestion of protein, carbohydrates and non-starch polysaccharides
  • Stimulate immune system Interacts with intestinal cells to support barrier functions and immunosurveillance
  • Competitive exclusion Prevents potentially pathogenic E. coli from adhering to the intestinal wall

“As the first to launch a product combining these three unique strains, GalliPro® Fit is a testament to our Nature’s no. 1 strategy and its focus on pioneering science,” explains Vilson Simon, Senior Vice President, Animal Health.
“By addressing some of the most significant health and production challenges faced by producers today with this 3-in-1 solution, we can help our customers with the performance of their chickens, and ultimately of their business,” concludes Vilson.

  • GalliPro® Fit has been developed for use in all markets. It will be launched in the USA in August, 2017 and will be made available in other markets over the coming years.
  • GalliPro® Fit is the latest addition to Chr. Hansen’s existing range of GalliPro® products. The GalliPro® range contains products for use in hatcheries, layers, broilers and turkeys.