European Bio Economy Venture Forum 2018

Visit the European Bio Economy Venture Forum the 6th-7th of June in Viborg, Denmark. The event aims to support the world-wide efforts towards a green economy, while maintaining well-being within the limits of our planet and protection of human health and the environment.

The European Bio Economy Venture Forum underlines the importance of  the waste hierarchy in supporting the transition to the circular economy, starting with an increase in prevention, preparation for reuse and recycling of waste, and minimizing waste disposal, in particular through a significant reduction of landfilled waste.

Bio Economy includes recycling of nutrients, waste management, bioenergy, food protein, Materials and more.

The role of entrepreneurs, industry and investors is essential to the successful development of a knowledge-driven economy in the Bio Economy sector. At The European Bio Economy Venture Forum you will find a unique platform to exchange knowledge and build long lasting business cooperation.

Meet Danish companies at The European Bio Economy Venture Forum 2018