Circular Bioeconomy Days 2019 - Foodnation




Circular Bioeconomy Days 2019

Join Circular Bioeconomy Days 25 – 27 June at Aarhus University, Denmark and get the tools to implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals in your business. 

How can companies and agriculture enter into a circular bioeconomy, and how do we ensure that its further development will be of value to industry and society? These questions are the focal points of the conference Circular Bioeconomy Day 2019 at Aarhus University Foulum, Denmark.

Meet the most important Danish and international actors, who will discuss circular bioeconomy as a tool to implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and, more precisely, to develop the sustainable protein of the future.

As a conference participant, you will acquire new knowledge and be introduced to new examples of how bioeconomy works in practice. You will have the opportunity to participate in discussions with leading Danish and European decision-makers, and meet leading researchers and entrepreneurs, who work to develop the bioeconomy.

Last you will have the opportunity to visit Aarhus University’s unique research facilities as well as a number of trendsetting companies in the Central Denmark Region, whose efforts are based on protein production and circular bioeconomy where resource utilisation is continuously improved.

3 days about circular bioeconomy

On the first day of the conference, the focus will be on directing the development of circular bioeconomy in a more sustainable direction.

On the second day, one of the circular bioeconomy’s most essential questions will be unfolded, namely how to produce an increased amount of local protein for feed and food without compromising  the environment – and if it will be possible to create win-win solutions where protein production helps improve the environment.

On the final day, the utilisation of new innovative protein sources will be on the agenda.

The conference organisers are Aarhus University’s Centre for Circular Bioeconomy (CBIO), SEGES, Agro Business Park, Central Denmark Region, Viborg Municipality, INBIOM, Climate KIC and the EU project Green Valleys.