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养殖场清洗机器人及解决方案 — 让清洁变得更简单

Washpower是一家位于丹麦中西部的公司,公司由Jakob Soendergaard 和 Glenn Pedersen在2016年创立。迄今为止,我们的产品已在全球范围内得到广泛应用,我们已拥有40多名雇员服务25个国家的养殖业经销商以及农场。在高速增长下,我们一直致力于对清洁解决方案的不断优化以及保持高标准的产品质量。以革新农业清洁方式为愿景,Washpower自动清洁机器人可在提高清洁效率、保障生物安全的同时,营造更加健康高效的工作环境。 作为农业领域实力雄厚、值得信赖的合作伙伴,无论对终端用户还是商业伙伴,忠于职守的员工都是维护我们合作关系的中坚力量。创新引领,创造驱动,我们经验丰富的技术专家始终深耕农业供应链,致力于为客户提供最佳解决方案。丹麦制造高科技农业解决方案 Washpower的核心是永不妥协、坚定可靠,始终为客户提供技术领先、使用便捷的解决方案。我们提供的一系列产品,力求创建环境更健康、卫生更良好、运作更高效的农业系统。高效、可靠、易用,遍及全球!



Washing robots and solutions for agriculture – Make cleaning easy

Washpower is a Danish company placed in mid-western Denmark. The company was founded by Jakob Soendergaard and Glenn Pedersen back in 2016. What used to be a hobby has now become a healthy business with 40 employees, a wide range of products, and dealers and customers in 25 countries. Despite the fast growth, we still have a big passion for developing washing solutions in robot technology and have a high standard of quality in our products. Driven by a will to innovate upon the way agricultural cleaning is done, Washpower has proven that automatic washing solutions can improve efficiency, bio security and also both a healthier and more efficient work environment. As a strong and trustworthy partner in the agricultural industry our committed employees are the backbone of the cooperative nature of our partnerships, this both regarding end-users and our business partners. Driven by innovation and fueled by ingenuity, our skilled employees have a constant focus on creating the best solutions possible throughout the agricultural supply chain that we are a part of. At the heart of Washpower, is our will to deliver a both technical advanced and user-friendly solutions, build in an uncompromising and robust solution designed for a tough work environment. Throughout our product portfolio you will find products build to ensure a healthier work environment, better overall agricultural hygiene, and a more efficient agricultural operation. Efficient, Reliable, and easy to use around the world.