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Østerberg Foods supply a wide range of Fruit Based Food Service products: Coconut Flower Water, Coffee Syrup, Fruit & Vegetable Shots, Juice Drinks, Soda Water, Sparkling Water, Tea Drinks and Vinegar Shots.

Østerberg has more than 80 years of experience and specializes in offering high quality solutions to cafés, bakeries, hotels, supermarkets, etc. Production sites in Denmark, Egypt, India and Vietnam provide the opportunity to manufacture the best possible Fruit Based Food Service products for each specific market.

Østerberg is part of the Orana group, which specializes in fruit based raw materials and tailor made products to the Dairy and Beverage industry. The great know-how of Orana has been carried on to the Østerberg team, and all products come with high quality in order to live up to the high standard of Danish production.