Dancare 是 Nordic Health Trading 的一个品牌。DanCare 于 2003 年在丹麦成立。  Dancare 是一家丹麦研发、销售和咨询公司。  Dancare 的核心业务是膳食补充剂的研发、生产和销售

地理重点 • 中国、丹麦、德国、瑞典、挪威、法国、芬兰和东欧市场。

Dancare已发展成为国际知名的保健品品牌。2013 年,DanCare 推出了膳食补充剂产品。 多款畅销产品相继推出。  DanCare Chaga、乳铁蛋白、益生菌、Q10、护肝片、越橘、海豹油、鲨鱼软骨素等特殊产品。

从2021年开始,DanCare品牌计划全面进军中国线上线下市场。 由于在海外欧洲市场的销售情况非常好,许多中国游客对DanCare品牌产品印象深刻,并多次回购这些产品。




Dancare is a brand of Nordic Health Trading. Dancare was founded in 2003 in Denmark. Dancare is a Danish R&D, sales, and consulting company. Dancare’s core business is R&D, production, and sales of dietary supplements

Geographical focus

  • China, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway, France, Finland, and Eastern European market.

Dancare has developed into an internationally renowned brand of health care products. In 2013, DanCare launched dietary supplement products. Several best-selling products have been launched one after another. DanCare Chaga, Lactoferrin, Probiotics, Q10, Liver Protection tablets, Bilberry, Seal oil, Shark Chondroitin, and other Special products.

Starting in 2021, the DanCare brand plans to fully enter China’s online and offline markets. Due to the very good sales in overseas European markets, many Chinese tourists have been deeply impressed by DanCare brand products, and they have repeatedly repurchased these products.

It is believed that the DanCare brand will sell well in the Chinese market in the future.