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MAAB Probiotics

丹麦MAAB ApS所属的麦伯集团是一家专门从事创新医疗保健产品商业化的投资和贸易公司。该公司由制药行业资深人士于 2011年创立,目前集团在丹麦、新西兰、英国和中国大陆均设有分公司。麦伯益生菌专注于基于益生菌科学的药物、膳食补充剂及护理产品的开发和销售。

丹麦MAAB ApS主要提供基于循证的益生菌 OTC 药物、膳食补充剂、护肤品等系列产品,将开创性科学研究应用于我们日常生活。丹麦MAAB ApS渴望通过贸易伙伴使我们的创新产品应用于中国。



MAAB Group is an investment and trading company specialized in commercializing innovative health care products. The company was founded by pharmaceutical industry veterans in 2011. Today the company operates in Denmark, New Zealand, UK and mainland China. MAAB Probiotics® is MAAB’s portfolio for evidence-based probiotic products produced in Denmark with GMP standards.

MAAB Aps provides evidence-based probiotic OTC drugs and dietary supplements solution or products, which sharing the nature of applying the pioneering scientific research to our day-to-day life. MAAB aspires to have our innovative products through trade partners into China.