Jacobsens Bakery Ltd.




Jacobsens Bakery Ltd.


丹麦的杰克布森成立于半个多世纪以前,承诺所提供的正宗丹麦黄油曲奇均在丹麦本地烘制而成 –即安徒生的故乡。




丹麦杰克布森正宗原味丹麦黄油曲奇,  荣享皇家级的品味。



The classic Danish butter cookie was developed decades ago by combining the best of the Danish baking tradition into one unique recipe.

Founded more than half a century year ago, Jacobsens of Denmark guarantee that our original Danish Butter cookie are baked in Denmark – the homeland of Hans Christian Andersen.

Securing unique quality and taste approved by consumers worldwide.

The bakers at Jacobsens of Denmark believes only the best from Mother Nature is good enough to bake the exclusive and delicious butter cookies.

They only use natural ingredients that are carefully selected and used under strict quality control, guaranteeing a high consistent product quality.

A royal treat tasting the delicious and original Danish butter cookies produced at Jacobsens of Denmark.