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ISS欧艾斯中国(欧艾斯设施管理服务(上海)有限公司)是国际著名设施服务公司ISS欧艾斯集团设在中国的独资公司。ISS欧艾斯是来自丹麦的全球领先设施服务提供商,拥有超过一百年的历史,足迹遍布30多个国家,全球拥有超过40万名员工,为6万多个客户提供服务,荣膺国际外包专业协会IAOP最高排名长达6年。ISS欧艾斯每天为数百万人提供清洁、餐饮、维修、支持、安保和工作场所体验的服务,通过专业的服务人员、高标准的服务体验以及智慧解决方案的独特融合,让世界变得更美好。   ISS欧艾斯中国公司依托ISS欧艾斯集团强大的管理优势及资源整合能力,致力成为中国一流的设施服务供应商。目前,ISS中国的服务已遍布中国120多个城市,员工达9000名以上。



ISS was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1901. ISS is the world’s leading provider of integrated facility services with more than a hundred years of experience in connecting people and places. With footprints in more than 30 countries, 400,000 employees, ISS provides services for more than 60,000 clients worldwide, and is recognized with the highest IAOP ranking 6 years in a row. We touch millions of lives every day – and through our unique combination of people who care, high standards and intelligent solutions we are making the world work better. ISS can expertly manage a wide range of services, including Cleaning, Food, Technical, Support, Security and Workplace Experience.    ISS China leverages global strength, coupled with local capability, support structure and advanced technologies to meet the intricate realities of service delivery. We aspire to be China’s biggest Integrated Facility Service provider. So far, ISS China is present in more than 120 Chinese cities, and has more than 9,000 employees.