丹麦福斯分析仪器—我们始终处于分析技术领域发展的前沿,提供从实验室解决方案到在线检测及近线检测解决方案等一系列的分析解决方案。在众多行业中,丹麦福斯分析仪器始终致力于将世界各地农业领域的资源优化使用,通过智能分析产品以实现为我们的客户达到更为快速,便捷和专业的分析目标,这被我们称之为”Smart Analytics – 福斯智能分析解决方案”。



FOSS is the leading global provider of analytics for the food and agricultural industries. We help producers maximise the value of their production while making the best possible use of valuable natural resources. Value for the customer and value for the environment go hand in hand.

For instance, our analytics will measure the level of protein in dairy products, scan meat to determine fat contents and check for unwanted objects such as bone splinters, measure sugar levels in grapes, the moisture in grain, and help decide whether the cow gets the right feed, is healthy, and produces good and nutritious milk.

Always at the forefront of analytical technology development, FOSS provides a range of analytical solutions from laboratory to at-line and in-line solutions. Across a number of industries, FOSS helps optimise the use of food and agricultural resources around the world. We do so by enabling customers to run intelligent data-driven productions, based on fast, easy-to-use and dedicated analytics. We call it SmartAnalytics.