Camette 凯麦特是丹麦一家成立于1975 年 ,专业研发、生产、销售以天然原料为基础的膳食纤维补充剂的企业 。 以生产最高配方和最佳生物利用率产品而著称 。 在近50 年的历史中, Camette 在市场上积累了良好的口碑和价值。目前Camette产品已经多达80多种,在丹麦各大处方药店,营养保健品店和网络销售店均有售卖。是深受丹麦家庭喜欢的国民品牌。




Camette established in 1975 in Denmark. At Camette, we specialize in natural products as well as health food, which has been used for many years to improve both health, wellness and beauty. Our product philosophy is that we need fresh ingredients, from nature’s own treasury – which we strive for, both in our own production and when we select products for our customers. We work exclusively with manufacturers where high quality and natural ingredients go hand in hand. We are a solid Danish owned company, which has been selling natural products and health food for over 50 years.