BioCare and health




BioCare and health

Biocare Copenhagen是一家丹麦生物技术公司,专注于复合益生菌食品补充剂和专业医疗设备。我们的产品旨在改善胃肠道疾病和新陈代谢、缓解感染和增强免疫力。公司以哥本哈根大学医院的高端益生菌研究为基础,产品畅销全球50多个国家。Biocare Copenhagen于2017年被荷兰皇家帝斯曼公司收购,一家世界顶级的营养品公司,其专注于维生素,Omega‘s,益生菌,益生元,酶等领域。

Biocare Copenhagen最近与丹麦羽毛球运动员,2021年东京奥运冠军Viktor Axelsen(中文名:安赛龙)联合开发和销售一系列具有独特配方的高端超级食品和益生菌补充剂产品。Viktor是丹麦最知名且享有盛誉的运动员之一,年仅26岁就在世界主要羽毛球比赛中占有一席之地,其中包括羽毛球世界冠军、全英赛冠军,世界排名第一,世界巡回赛排名第一等殊荣。




Biocare Copenhagen is a Danish biotech company which specializes in food supplements & medical devices containing microbial compounds targeting gastrointestinal disorders, metabolism, infections and enhanced immunity. The company is based on technology from Copenhagen University Hospital and enjoy export to more than 50 countries world-wide. Biocare Cph. was acquired by DSM in 2017, a world leader in nutraceuticals incl. vitamins, omega’s, probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes etc.

Biocare Cph. recent joint forces with the Danish athlete, 2021 Tokyo Olympic champion Viktor Axelsen to develop and market a unique range of high-end superfoods & probiotic supplements. Viktor Axelsen is one of the most successful and admired Danish Athletes of all times and have at the age of 26 already added a check mark to all major badminton tournaments & titles including World Championship, All England Championship, world ranking # 1 & world tour ranking # 1 etc.

We invite you to explore the charm of a premium lifestyle from Northern Europe and how probiotics positively change your life.