Unique Feed Formula for Young Piglets Raises Efficiency



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Unique Feed Formula for Young Piglets Raises Efficiency

A unique feed formula for young piglets in high-efficiency pig farms has been launched by the DLG Group (Danish Cooperative Farm Supply Company) featuring a unique combination of ingredients, including a new vitamin concept to increase the growth and decreased mortality rates in litters. The product is the first of its kind and stands as an example of the high-quality feed produced and used by the Danish food cluster.

“StartPig” and “GrowthPig” are feed formulas that aim to increase viability and growth in young piglets in response to new demands within high-efficiency farms. The rapid rise in the number of piglets per litter has increased the fight for food amongst young piglets, and the formular features increased vitamin supply through a new vitamin concept, higher energy supply, new and improved smell and taste to improve intake and adjusted use of acids. The two feed formulaes lead to added efficiency as well as improved agri-business profits.

Studies show a decrease in the death rate by 10%, and an additional piglet growth of at least 3.5%

Greater growth and output by adding more vitamins

With the product from DLG, the piglets will receive all the nutrition they need. The largest vitamin experiment ever conducted has shown significantly higher feed intake, increasing daily growth, higher feed efficiency, and a lower mortality rate. Another feature is improved smell and taste to improve feed intake, bactericidal additives and no soybean meal added. The studies have shown death rate decreases by 10%, and additional piglet growth of at least 3.5% and a larger output per sow than ever before. The feed is applicable for pigs in the entire period from 9-30 kg.

The vitamin concept from DLG is an example of the innovative products and solutions from the Danish food cluster that can help grow your business and obtain a more efficient primary food production.