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High-quality Fresh Organic Bread

The Danish company, Lantmännen Schulstad, is already at the cutting edge of providing fresh, juicy and organic products with their new concept Økorn.

Today, Danes buy more organic products than ever before and with 13.5 percent in 2016, Denmark is already the country in the world with the highest organic share of all retail sales.

Around the world, a new market for organic products is emerging. The number of customers wanting organic bread is increasing and calls for a boost in product portfolios from bread manufacturers. However, it takes many efforts from producers to create organic products that are fresh and juicy. The production of organic bread forces the producers to use other production methods and ingredients than in conventional baking. This means that organic bread often becomes dry, tasteless and can quickly crumble leaving bread producers to reduce their durability date and consumers with organic bread that could not measure up with the quality of conventional bread.

Fresh and Juicy Bread with Organic Ingredients from Danish Production

The Danish company, Lantmännen Schulstad, has introduced a new organic range. A key point of emphasis has been to maintain the high level of quality and taste that one can find in traditional, conventional bakery solutions. The result is a new range of bread that can last longer than previously due to a unique combination of organic ingredients. In addition, Schulstad uses only Danish ingredients that help ensure a standardised production of high quality.

New range of bread lasts longer than previously due to a unique combination of organic ingredients

Innovation is the Core of Danish Food Production

The range of product symbolises the innovation of the Danish food cluster and its agility to easily adjust to new demands of consumers. Now, with organic bread of the same quality as the ones made in the traditional way of production, organic consumers can enjoy bread like all others.