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High Food Safety Opens New Doors

Danish food safety and controls are known to be very strict, and this high level of food safety gives opportunities in new markets. That is what Danish Crown experienced when allowed to export their products into the strictly regulated Chinese market.

China is Danish Crown’s fastest growing market and they are one of the few food product companies worldwide with a direct access to the Chinese market. The reason: Stability in delivery and quality as well as high food safety. This is a unique and powerful opportunity for Danish meat production. The allowance is given primarily because of the Danish pork being of such high quality in terms of safety – a parameter essential to Chinese consumers. The high demand in China for the delicacies of pig heads and pig toes shows how Danish Crown adapt and deliver according to their customer’s demands.

In 2015, Danish Crown’s sales made out 21% of the total Danish export to China

In 2015, Danish Crown’s sales made out 21% of the total Danish export to China and the company has four sales offices in China and Hong Kong. With more than 50 employees, they make up the biggest foreign office within the business. Right now, 80-90% of the meat sold is fresh, but Danish Crown expect to expand their products to more processed food.

Ensuring food of high safety

The high-safety food of Danish Crown is a part of the Danish food cluster’s contributions to meet the growing demand for food around the world. High-safety food will be a centerpiece of the solution in providing food for more people in the years to come.