Air Cleaning for the Livestock Producer of Tomorrow





Air Cleaning for the Livestock Producer of Tomorrow

In order to obtain a more environmentally friendly production, livestock producers need to ensure effective air cleaning solutions that cause emission of ammonia and odour to be kept at a minimum. The Agri Airclean from Danish company AgriFarm is one of the world’s best systems for just that.

As a farmer there are strict requirements on how much ammonia a farm may emit to the surroundings and how much odours are allowed in relation to neighbours. Therefore, livestock producers can advantageously consider air cleaning, with Agri AirClean as part of the solution.

Efficient and reliable air cleaning

Agri AirClean is the world’s only chemical air cleaner that effectively removes both ammonia and odour emissions in the same process from all types of farm housing systems and is particularly suitable for spot extraction where the concentration of ammonia and odour is particularly high. The chemistry used in the cleaning process, is used and collected without affecting the local environment.

The world’s only chemical air cleaner effectively removes both ammonia and odour in one and the same process

The system is regulated and monitored by Agrifarm’s home developed system, the Smartfarm operating system. The system is fully automatic and thus does not require manual monitoring. Through PH and conductivity measurement, supply of correct quantities of chemistry and drainage of residual products is ensured. This results in less pollution inside and outside the farmhouse causing better air quality for both animals and employees.

A symbol of the Danish approach

Danish food tech companies are making a difference in agricultural productions around the world. The solution offered by AgriFarm is an example of how livestock producers can implement Danish technologies in their production.

Explore Agri AirClean for country and city in a video here.